Clinical Curriculum


General (Dental) Practice Residency (Hospital Dentistry)


Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Length of Rotation: 4 Weeks
Location: MLK Outpatient Center (MLK-OC)


  • To strengthen knowledge and skills in tooth extractions, minor surgery, and risk assessment of medically compromised patients.
  • Management of orofacial trauma, treatment of odontogenic infections, and manage TMJ pain.
  • To gain better understanding and appreciable experience in oral surgery.


Length of Rotation: 2 Weeks
Location: Harbor-UCLA Medical Center


Anesthesia Rotation will provide residents with some of the experiences listed below:

  • preoperative evaluation
  • assessment of the effects of pharmacological agents
  • venipuncture technique and administration of intravenous agents
  • patient monitoring
  • airway management
  • anesthetic induction and intubation
  • administration of anesthetic agents
  • prevention and treatment of anesthetic emergencies
  • assessment of patient recovery from anesthesia


Emergency Medicine

Length of Rotation: 2 weeks
Location: Harbor UCLA Medical Center


Resident will become familiar with management of acute trauma or other medical
and surgical emergencies. They will participate actively with medical students,
interns, and residents in the emergency room, and respond to critical care needs
of patients under the supervision of acute/staff of the Department of Emergency

  • To experience the daily operations of an emergency room.
  • To learn how to obtain history and physical examinations on acutely ill patients.
  • To learn to immediately generate differential diagnoses when presented with patients exhibiting signs and symptoms of acute illnesses and injuries.
  • To learn to accurately interpret diagnostic tests including radiographs, EKGs and blood panels.
  • To observe and participate in cardiac and trauma resuscitation efforts when possible.
  • To gain confidence in interacting with the medical community and discussing patient’s medical conditions.
  • To integrate knowledge and experience of emergency medicine with management of emergencies in the practice of general dentistry.